Harsh Reality

“Imagine a show where the contestants can be anywhere, in any time. Imagine a show where what they see, the viewer sees. I mean what the contestants really see; not just a camera but through their eyes…Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to FAR Vision: Fantasy Alternative Reality. Where the unreal becomes real!”

The idea for this story came from a dream that was just too good to waste. I originally started to write it as a graphic novel but soon realised that this also required someone to illustrate it which presented a bit of an obstacle. I decided to revisit the story and turn it into a novel. I made some progress before steampunk projects took a higher priority. I will be curious to know whether readers think this story is worth pursuing.

**WARNING – High profanity count**


Chapter 1 – Flickering Pictures Hypnotise

Chapter 2 – Man In The Corner Shop

Chapter 3 – Somewhere In The Jungle


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