Work In Progress

Stories don’t just appear; they have to written, edited, re-edited, screwed up, thrown in the bin, re-written again and again and again.

I thought it might be of interest to post some of my works in progress, to give an idea of how things come together. If you revisit this page from time to time you may see that stories included here change, evolve, or in some cases may be torn up completely and started again.

This is the creative process at work. Think of it as an artist making rough sketches before placing his or her brush upon the canvas.

Sometimes I have started something but have lost my thread. In other cases, priorities have taken over and I’ve put a story on hold. All comments and feedback welcome as it is useful to know which avenues are worth pursuing and which are dead ends.

Trueblood – Doctor August Trueblood, scientist, engineer and spy. A pinch of Holmes, a splash of Bond and a dollop of Flashman. Very good at getting himself into trouble, very bad at getting out of it.

Harsh Reality – A contemporary sci-fi drama set in the not so very distant future were a new TV reality show draws audiences for all the wrong reasons. **Not suitable for children**

The Obsidian Church – The sequel to Children of Another Albion.

The Queen’s Gambit Accepted – A steampunk novel set in a Europe of rising tensions.


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