Although I write in different styles and genres, I am fascinated by steampunk. As with everything in life, everybody has a different interpretation of what steampunk is. My personal take is a sci-fi fantasy world where the internal combustion engine has not been invented, for whatever reason, and the primary source of power is that of the steam engine in all its guises.

Fantasy authors generally set their stories in cities, countries and worlds of their own invention and in this I am no different. I set my steampunk stories around the country of Albion Magna. Imagine Great Britain around the turn of the 20th century but powered entirely by steam and you will not go far wrong. The Gregorian calendar has been discarded after the publication of On The Origin Of Species, meaning that 1860 became 1AD,  After Darwin. (You will find that most of my stories are set around 40-60AD).

Science is the new religion and religion is viewed as a rather quant and redundant belief system.

Politically, Albion Magna is a republic with Richard Cromwell at the head of The Commonwealth. Princess Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria, bides her time in exile in the Prussian Empire, waiting to return.

Air travel has been around for some time through the use of airships as these vast balloons are the only way that heavier-than-air machines can support the weight of a steam engine. Paddle-wheels and paddle-chains adorn ocean-going vessels. Trains are frequently works of mechanical art (think streamliner steam trains) and electric trams rattle through the streets scattering sparks over passengers and pedestrians alike. Small steam engines are crammed into every conceivable form of transport so that cars, scooters, lorries and buses all jostle for space on Albion Magna’s crowded roads. The air is thick with smoke and buildings blackened by smuts. It is an exciting and dangerous place to live; new and wonderful inventions spring forth almost daily but perhaps should be more rigorously tested before being unleashed on the public.

Welcome, friends, to Albion Magna.

Click on the links below to take you to the steampunk stories on my website. Most are novels in progress and feedback would be greatly appreciated to help me develop them.

Children Of Another Albion – My first novel, available as e-book or paperback

The Collector An introductory story for a new character; Doctor August Trueblood, scientist, engineer, spy. A pinch of Holmes, a splash of Bond and a dollop of Flashman. Very good at getting himself into trouble, very bad at getting out of it. 

TruebloodThe first adventure proper of Doctor August Trueblood. He only wants a quiet holiday by the sea. Is that too much to ask?

The Queens Gambit (Accepted)A more serious steampunk thriller of murder, espionage and a queen in waiting.

The Sleep Of ReasonA prequel to Children of Another Albion

The Obsidian ChurchThe sequel to Children Of Another Albion











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