Paradise Mislaid

Paradise Mislaid - front cover

“When your neighbour is digging his garden at three in the morning, you know you have someone special living next door.” – Keeping Up With The Joneses

“…in a perfect world I would have gotten clean away with it, but I guess that’s the problem; it ain’t a perfect world. You see, if you’re going to rub someone out, you have to make sure they stay rubbed out. It’s when they raise their ugly little decomposing head that things start to get awkward.” – In A Perfect World

“‘Twas the night before Christmas, when Dad left t’house,
An’ moved in with his secretary, the cheatin’ little louse.” – Twas The Night Before Christmas

“The fact that Warminster is practically a garrison town meant the aliens, when they landed early one February morning, went largely unnoticed.” – They Walk Among Us

Two dozen tales of magic, murder, and mid-life crisis. And aliens.

N.B. Not for children!!!

Available in paperback £8.99 from Devizes Books or via + postage

Also available as an e-book.